Monday, September 19, 2011

Book Page Wreath & Tutorial

I have seen the wreaths made out of book pages all over the place & they just looked so intimidating to make that I hadn't tried it yet. I don't know if it was the beautiful fall weather or the lifetime movie, but something gave me the nerve to try one!! I even remembered to take some photos along the way in case anyone needs a tutuorial :)

Isn't she lovely????

And, it all started with this old book. I {love} books & can hardly bear to tear one apart, BUT, this book was literally falling apart already so I didn't feel bad ;)

I tore the cover off.
Cut a cardboard circle to secure the pages to. I used 2 different sizes of embroidery hoops to trace for the circles. At this point tie on whatever you will use to hang your wreath. ( I forgot until the end-oops)
Start rolling pages & hot gluing them so they stay rolled.
Here is my workstation, on the living room floor, in front of the TV.

I just continued gluing rolled pages around & around the wreath until it started to fill in. I ended up tearing about 2 inches off of a stack of pages so that I could make some shorter rolls. I added layers until it looked good to me.
I hung it in our Sunroom ♥♥
I love the yellowed pages & the tattered look. So charming!!

I hope you like it, AND, I hope you are inspired :)

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  1. Very cute! I love crafts made with book pages! Thanks for this sharing this at last Monday's "What In The Gunny Sack?" link party!