Monday, October 1, 2012

Busting at the Seams..a Craft Room

So my craft room is located directly off of my living room and has no doors...can you see where this is going?? Yea..not a pretty sight. I am a spur of the moment, may only have 10 minutes before I have to leave the house, but I'm starting a project kinda girl. This usually results in a craft room that looks like an F5 tornado has just passed through...I think one of the reasons it's so hard to keep clean and organized is because the space is used for too many things. I had ALL my scrapbook stuff crammed in there, ebay shipping supplies, crafts of all kinds, sewing machine & supplies, things that need to be sold, donated, etc..the list could go on, you get the point.
My solution was to create a 2nd space for me & some of my {stuff}. Here is what I came up with, without spending any money and doing almost all the work myself.

I took about half of the stuff from my upstairs craft room & put it in my "new" basement space. **{this is an unfinished basement}
I had this big shelving unit in the basement already, just moved it & filled it up.

I have everything organized & in plain sight :)
This is a view looking the other direction. It's my little guy's playroom. He was so kind to share with his momma ♥
I love this sweet little rusty utility cart my sister found me at a yard sale this summer. I found that pretty lampshade at Lowe's for $3 :)
I am so happy with the way it all came together. My upstairs space is now uncluttered and clean and I have this nice new space to make a mess in!!


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