Monday, August 8, 2011

China Hutch-Before & After

We live in a 1938 Bungalow house. When we bought it the carpet, walls, fixtures, etc. were all 70's style. One room at a time, we have tried to bring it into this decade (with a cozy cottage feel). Here is a before shot of our dining room. This is exactly the way it was when we bought it, but somehow WE saw potential!

I had always dreamed of having a dining room and this was IT!! And the china hutch was such a bonus, I loved it :)

A little (okay A LOT) of blood, sweat, and tears later....

The main focus is the major transformation of the china hutch. Going from the dark wood to this bright white has really lightened it up in here.
I painted it myself. I added a light blue color to the inside to give it a nice contrast. I have it filled with my husband's late mother's dishes. I was able to keep the original glass knobs. They are so charming. The sign you see sitting on the floor will be another post :)
Amazing what a little paint can do!!

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  1. Hi! I know how your feel, renovating a house is certainly hard work! Your dining room has come up beautifully and what an awesome bonus that china cabinet was! I love how you've contrasted the blue and white :)
    Cas x