Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Trash to Treasure Transformation

I have a secret obsession with the Free Barn at our dump. It is a building where people can leave things that are not neccessarily trash. It is open to the public to come take whatever they wish for FREE :) I have found so many treasures there!! I picked up this little rack there on Monday & couldn't wait to paint it.

Isn't it sad!!??
I chose to paint it pink :)
I spray painted it chocolate brown 1st so that when I dry brushed it, brown would show through & not the brassy color it was.
It's lovely....

I have it on my bathroom counter for now & threw some wash cloths on it for the photo, but I am just not sure what I will put on it. I kinda like to sit something up & live with it for a while until the perfect solution comes to me outta no where ;)


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