Saturday, February 18, 2012

Save on your Dish Network Bill

Do you ever get your phone/internet/cable bill and it is more than usual?? I hate it when that happens. I swear I break into a sweat & panic when this happens to me. I got my phone/internet bill this month,  it was $25 more than it should be!! I also don't like calling customer service and waiting on hold for the "next available representative", but for $25 you better believe I DID!! Come to find out, when our internet modem went bad & they sent us a new one, they charge $15 in shipping & tack it on your bill. Also, it seems that the package we had "no longer exists", so this means a higher monthly the end of this 30 minute phone call I did get my bill back to the amount it should be, they are waiving the new higher monthly fee & sent me out a brand new router/modem combo for FREE. They also told me that they could do a package for me if I wanted Direct TV that would save us some money. I really didn't want to mess with a new satellite company, installation, blah, blah,,

I called my current satellite company (Dish Network) and just asked them if there was any way to lower my bill. Well, low and behold, the nice lady said that she would give us a $15 monthly discount for a full year WITHOUT changing a single thing on our account!!! WOOHOO. I will take that :) It may be worth your time to make those phone calls & just ask. It might save you some money!!


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