Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Colors of the Rainbow

Trying to finish up my mantel I needed to find (or make) something else to go with my St. Patrick's Day theme. Browsing through Pinterest I saw rainbows so I tried that.

Yes I do realize I am missing one color if I were being true to the real rainbow. But, it has the rainbow effect I was going for!!
All I did for this project was cut some colorful paper & stick it in an old frame I had. I added the photo of my kids in front & sat it on the mantel. Since my t.v. hangs  above my mantel it really limits my decorating :(  This works though!!
That big ole TV really messes up my look!! ;)

We are having some wonderful temperatures around here & I am definitely getting Spring Fever!! I am really looking forward to some more crafts :)

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  1. It's darling even with the TV. Thanks for sharing with my newbie party.