Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Thrift Store Finds

I had to run to town this morning for a few things so I popped into the little thrift store there. This is one of my favorite thrift stores. It has so many "treasures" and the prices are great!!

The book on the left is called "The Little Giant Book of Science Facts". Still had the original price tag on the back of $6.95- I paid $0.29.  The middle book I bought for my daughter because she was born in 1999 & I thought that would be cool for her to look through. Paid $0.25. The third one is an American Girl book of Mini Mysteries. The girl really likes American Girl stuff. Paid $0.25.

I took the kids to see "Cars 2" over the weekend so now the boy has been digging out all of his "Cars" toys. We bought him one new "Cars 2" car at walmart & they are not cheap. I was super excited when I spotted this VW Peace Van today. It was in a baggie full of toys. Paid $0.49 for the whole bag.
This was probably the best purchase of the day. I love vintage/antique stuff & I found this typewriter just charming and adorable so I bought it! The boy has already been typing away on it ;) Paid $2.49.

I would love to see your thrift store finds!!


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