Tuesday, June 21, 2011

DIY-Kitchen Curtains out of a Painter's Drop Cloth

So I looked everywhere for kitchen curtains that would suit my style and had no luck. Scoured every store online searching for the perfect curtains....NOTHING! So I took upon myself to make some :)  I started out with one painter's drop cloth and ended up with these!!!!

I have very minimal sewing skills, but I can kinda make a curtain. The valance I just measured so that it would be wide enough to bunch up. I hemmed each side & made a pocket for the rod. The bottom curtains were the same thing. The cutest part of all is the little ruffle at the bottom. All I did for this was cut long strips of the drop cloth and then ran a loose stitch thru the middle of each strip using a heavy duty thread. I then pulled that string tight until it was ruffly enough. When I had enough ruffle to cover the width of the curtains I used my hot glue gun and attached the ruffles to the curtain. That was it! I think they are too cute :)

I have seen lot's of uses for drop cloths around blogland. What have you made??
 I am linking up over at Fingerprints on the Fridge. Hop on over & look at all the great ideas :)

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  1. these are really cute..I am wanting something like these for my kitchen:)