Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Frugal Fix-The Basement

When we bought our house almost 5 years ago we were sure we had more than enough room to live. With the kids growing up and all the "stuff" accumulating we seem to be tight on space, so we decided to turn the unfinished basement into a usable place for the kids.  We did not want to spend much money on this transformation so we made do with mostly what we had.


$15 on white sheets
$200 on a paint sprayer (we have used this since then as well!!)
$5 on eye hooks to hang cable

Already had on hand:

white paint
2 white sheets
leftover carpet scraps
carpet squares
our old dining room rug
curtains (made from an old shower curtain)
game system
cable to hang sheets
the nice big shelving system we bought way back on Black Friday but didn't know what we needed it for yet-$49

Wah Lah!! Hangout spot for the kiddos :)

The sheets were used to partition off this area from the storage area

View from the basement stairs

Finally a spot for the boy's train table

Their very own TV & a game system should keep them busy

**And there you have it. What frugal ways have you transformed your space??


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