Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Birthday Boy & a Party

My "baby" turned 8 today. I cannot believe he is growing up so fast. We had a party for him last weekend and he got to invite a couple friends. We took them to a skate park & let them ride skate boards and play for 2 hours. We got McDonald's lunch and brought it to the park. The chocolate cake I made him just about melted it was soooo hot. No shade there at all!! Everyone had a good time though. I wanted to post some photos of a  Circus party we had for him when he turned 6. It was tons of fun & I just thought it was a cute party idea.

Here he is, he's so TINY!! My daughter made all of these balloon creations for his guests. Hats, swords, etc.

We had popcorn and cotton candy for everyone. He invited his whole class!

I did all the face painting & am by no means an expert. But it was a huge hit!

Hubby helped me hang streamers from the ceiling to create a "big top" effect.

Everyone got a bag with tickets in it. Each game took a ticket & prizes were awarded. They could then carry their prizes around in the bag.

Inside games were tossing a ball into pails, tossing rings around bowling pins and a little basketball game.
For outside we had bubble blowing, balls, and hula hoops :)

Hubby is a volunteer firefighter so we held this party at the firestation. As a little bonus, he gave the kids a tour of the fire station & trucks. They loved that!!

And here is a photo of the Birthday Boy today at 8 years old!!

Love him!!


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