Sunday, December 4, 2011

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas!!

I have been so busy this weekend scrapbooking, I am just getting around to posting about the latest Christmas project I completed. I went to a Crop (scrapbook party) on Friday from 6pm until Midnight & I got quite a bit done in  my kids' albums. My sister came too (even though she is 9 months pregnant & expecting baby any day now). I also brought my kids with me. When it doesn't work out with my husband's work schedule for me to go I used to just stay home and miss scrapbooking....well, not anymore!! I pack those poor kids up, along with snacks, my laptop, dvds, books, pillows & blankets, and they come with me!! They are old enough now, that they really keep themselves entertained. AWESOME :) Anyway, when I get on a roll scrapbooking, midnight comes way too fast!! So, my sister and I decided we would scrapbook again Saturday at my house. She come over about 10:30 Saturday morning & we finally called it a day around 10pm. Yes, we are crazy, and no, I do not neglect my kids!! ;) I do take breaks and feed them throughout the day!! hahaha

Enough rambling!! Here it its!!!!

My favorite Christmas project so far :)
This is what I bought the paints & stencils for on my shopping trip.

Those old cabinet doors are sure coming in handy!!!!

Here is where I found my inspiration for this project. I love her blog!!

I would love to post some photos of my scrapbook pages, I just wish I knew a good way to get good pictures of them, without glare & such. If you have any advice for me I would sure like to hear it!!!!

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  1. Yours turned out fabulous! I love the blue and red together! Awesome!

  2. that is adorable!!!

    And I love scrapbooking should go on a retreat....the entire weekend away in your PJ's cropping till you drop!! It's so fun.

  3. sigh, this makes me kind of sad! LOL, I just made a sign and it did NOT turn out the way I had hoped at all.I do however, have another piece of wood in my office...and I LOVE your sign!
    Wish my kiddos were old enough to come along to crops with me:)
    nicole @