Wednesday, January 4, 2012

DIY Camera Strap Cover

Okay, so when I saw the adorable strap covers girls are putting on their cameras I had to have one. I got a pretty awesome Christmas gift, therefore, NEED a cute strap :)

Awesome Christmas Present

Adorable Camera Strap CoverCamera Strap Cover- Trendy Yellow with Gray Ruffles

Unfortunately, this one is $29.95 + shipping. So I set out to make my own!! I used this tutorial.

I found my fabric in a package at walmart for around $10.
This package had 8 different matching fabric pieces in it. I couldn't find any regular fabric in yellow/gray colors so I got this. It wasn't ideal though because the fabric wasn't long enough. I had to sew pieces of fabric together in order for it to be long enough. It took longer than expected due to this, but it did end up working.
The supplies. The package of fusible stuff there in the photo was not the right thing. The tutorial instructs you to use fusible fleece & I had no idea what that was, so anyway, my strap is not as padded as it should be ;) You live and you learn right!!
Here it is. I think it turned out pretty great for my 1st attempt. I am a VERY amateur seamstress also :)
I know my husband is excited to carry this pretty baby as well ;)

Check back soon. I have another great project in store!!!! It involves the left over fabric from this project :)

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  1. So pretty! Thanks for linking up at Fabulous Friday!