Friday, January 13, 2012

Today's Thrift Store Finds

I had a fabulous time at the thrift store today. Who would have ever thought I would be using the words fabulous and thrift store in the same sentence!!??!! But, seriously, I DID have a fabulous time. Some real treasures were found by this girl :)

The turquoise heart is so cute. It's cardboard, but I loved the color. Who say's Valentine's has to be ALL red & pink? That stack of scrapbook stuff was a great deal. They are Creative Memories paper album kits. Brand new in the packages for 69 cents each. I got all 5 :) A sweet little Bible for my baby niece & a book for me.
I had plans for this lace trimmed heart right when I saw it. I already have it hanging in it's place!! I was super excited to find the January 2012 BH &G magazine with organizing tips inside. I was soooo tempted to pay $4 or $5 at the walmart checkout just 2 days ago for a similar organizing magazine. I am really glad I held out for this 10 cent one :) :) And the little organizing baskets for 39 cents a piece made it into my cart, because I can always find a place to use these things!!

A trip like this one just reminds me why I LOVE THRIFT STORES !!



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