Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pioneer Woman Recipes

I promised you all that I would share the yummy recipes I made this weekend. Do any of you watch the The Pioneer Woman? I have only seen her show twice, but I already love her. You should definitely stop by her blog & tune in for her show on the food network. Watching her seriously inspired me to want to get in the kitchen and cook something up!! On the first episode I watched she made Spicy Pulled Pop Pork. It looked so wonderful, I had to try it.


It was super easy to make & it turned out to be delicious!!!!

One of the other dishes she made, to go along with the pork was Perfect Potatoes au Gratin. At this point I was feeling like a real chef, so I went ahead and tried these too!!!

They were AMAZING!!!!

I should have taken photos of mine, but I was so hungry after smelling the pork bake for 6 hours that I forgot :)

I hope you are inspired to get in the kitchen and make a fantastic meal. I am not a great cook by any means & it all turned out for me, so I think anyone could do it!!


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