Saturday, March 24, 2012

Another Shelf

If I am not careful, I won't have any room left on the walls of my house!! I keep finding things on blogs & pinterest I want to do. Here's another shelf project.

There just happened to be some free space right above my washer & dryer :) My darling husband made a shelf to fit for me.
The new shelf needed some decor. I got a can of Krylon spray paint call Global Blue & used it on the shutter. I really love the color. I filled an old glass jar with my clothes pins. The "wash" sign was an ugly, drab sign that I did a makeover on.
I think it adds a little bit of charm to this room. It needed some charm. We enter our house through this room, so it's nice to have something new here!!
Here's an up close of the "wash" sign. I stenciled the letters on with some metallic silver paint.

Running out of wall space around here :)


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