Saturday, March 31, 2012

Random Ramblings

I wish I had a great project to reveal today, but the truth is, I spent all day yesterday getting my nails done, enjoying a pedicure and shopping. I deserved it right!?! :)

We have also been working in our yard. We are trying to do a makeover up front on each side of our porch. We have always had mulch & planted flowers every year. Sometimes in the ground. Sometimes in pots. We thought it was time for a change. We changed the shape of the flower beds using retaining wall bricks & bought some shrubs. Instead of mulch we are going with rock to top it off. I am so excited to see how it turns out. Last night I sat all the shrubs out where I want them to go. Today Shaun (hubby) is going to dig holes & plant them for me.

I will share some photos soon!!

Have a great weekend everyone :)


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