Friday, March 16, 2012

My Menu

I grocery shop every other Friday & today is the day. I like to start out by composing a menu (keeping in mind what I might have on hand). Next I head to the kitchen to make my list. I look through what I have for each meal & what I will need. I have found this really helps to keep our grocery bill down. I thought I would give you a peak at my menu for 2 weeks. I know I can always use some supper ideas!!

Ham Potatoes and Green Beans
(I just cube up some ham & potatoes & cook it on the stove with the green bean juice, water, salt, pepper and some onions.)
Ham Casserole
(Since I will have plenty of ham. For this I will just throw together potatoes, cheese, maybe some milk or cream soup. Not really sure yet.)
Chicken Fajitas
Grilled Chicken Breasts
( I use this recipe and just increase it a bit so we have leftovers)

That is 10 meals. We usually eat out 1 time during that 2 week time period ( at least) for one supper meal & have leftovers as well, so I find that planning 10 meals is usually sufficient for us. I have a pretty strict grocery budget of $220 for my 2 weeks for our family of 4.


  1. yum...sounds like great planning!! we have usually have soup on Thursdays to use the left overs from Mon,,Tues, Wed...and this works great because then there is little waste! Or I throw the left overs in spag sauce and we have pasta. cooking and meal planning are actually fun for me!! But I spend too much $ on food!!

  2. Hi Sarah! THank you so much for visiting me! I am so happy to hear that my kitchen recipe board inspired you! Have fun with it! Have a lovely week! Angie xo